Forum Title: C&A peel and stick vinyl backed carpet
Anyone work with it? Like or Dislike? I am on the fence myself. We are installing 310 yds. Thursday and Friday. You need a glass cutter for the seams so the tech guy Tom Dawson gave us a new one.
Category: Carpet Post By: ARMANDO ROBBINS (Napa, CA), 02/13/2019

Did he teach ya how to seal the seams? Kinda weird how they recommend it be done. I think Demonseed has done lots of this.

- LUIS PATTERSON (Joliet, IL), 04/24/2019

..............RG just gave us all the bird............out:

- TERRY KLEIN (Racine, WI), 04/22/2019

C and A is very easy to install. You do need a glass cutter and you do need the C and A seam sealer, it is a chemical bond, if you do not use it the carpet will shrink and the seams will split. 310 yards should be a one day job unless you have a nasty rip up, or a difficult lay out. I like this stuff, but, you have to re roll it after you make your cuts, the cuts when layed out must overlap in the direction of how they will be seen (this is common sense). How you position the blade in the glass cutter is very important, it needs to cut all the way through but you do not want it to wobble (I use two pieces of scrap stuck together to set it). Minor things, if it is c and a, labelled RS it will stick more than you can imagine, if there is paint on the walls you will want to cut it down before you start peeling, because it will come right off. If you had a rep there he probably told you about the A and B sides. I cannot say this enough, this stuff does shrink, get a few good dispenser bottles and make sure every seam is bonded, if you get it on the carpet, it is easier to patch than clean

- CONSTANCE HALE (Brockton, MA), 05/10/2019

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